Turn Your Data Into  
Unleash business value from massive data, empower data to be a productivity tool, and facilitate digital transformation for enterprises.
Intelligent Analysis of Data Features
Automatic identification and presentation of key metrics
Flexible Definition of Data Relationships
From fields to metrics, mastering with ease
Multi-Type Views
Simple operations for multi-dimensional data exploration
Rich Data Visualization
Out of box features, without any development
We Can Help With
Accelerate Enterprise Innovation with Real-Time Search
INFINI Labs is committed to building the next-generation search infrastructure, providing real-time search experiences for enterprises, unleashing the potential of modern hardware, and meeting the demands of high concurrency and high throughput in challenging environments. We accelerate digital innovation for businesses.
Operationalize Search Infrastructure as a Platform
INFINI Labs offers enterprises a unified approach to manage all internal search infrastructure, enabling centralized security, auditing, monitoring, alerting, and operations. It meets the flexible needs of internal organizational units, leveraging the advantages of platformization to achieve cost reduction and increased efficiency.
Platform Components

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