Getting Started
curl -sSL | bash -s -- -p gateway:1.26.0-1420
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*For other environments, please try Manual Install

It is written in Golang and comes with a small installation package. It doesn't have any external dependencies, making deployment and installation very straightforward.

High performance

It is faster than similar mainstream gateway products by more than 25%, and it has been finely optimized for specific scenarios, which can significantly improve the speed of writes and queries.

High availability

Built-in multiple high availability solutions, built-in virtual IP support, automatically detects back-end cluster topology and detects node up and down, automatically handles back-end failures.


Seamless cross-version compatibility and targeted optimizations are implemented to ensure smooth adaptation of business code to popular search cluster versions. It supports seamless transition during backend cluster version upgrades.


Observability allows for the dynamic interception and analysis of any requests generated during the operation of the search cluster. It provides insights into the overall performance of the cluster through metrics and logs.


Each module of the INFINI Gateway can be independently extended and allows for flexible intervention and routing of each request. It supports intelligent learning for routing and comes with a rich set of built-in filters.


Security & Auditing

• Seamless integration with LDAP/AD
• One-click enablement of TLS/HTTPS
• Unified permission control for multiple clusters
• Flexible and universal request control
• Protection against brute-force authentication cracking
• Blacklist/whitelist filtering control
• Request frequency and bandwidth limitations
• High-concurrency support, rate limiting, and traffic shaping

Backup & DR

For critical business scenarios, INFINI Gateway can be used to build data center-level disaster recovery solutions across different locations.

• Seamless and transparent, applications require no adjustments
• Business operation-level replication, cross-version compatibility
• Supports one-to-many way to map writes
• Dual-cluster high availability, switchable at any time
• Front-end business unaffected by backend read/write failures
• Automatic handling of node failures, no request loss
• Supports local disk queues and Kafka
• Combined with snapshots and translog, cluster can be totally rebuilt from nothing
• Ensures complete consistency of third-party data through verification tasks
• Comes with high availability of Layer 4 network virtual IP

Index Rebuild

Modifying mappings or modifying the tokenization dictionary requires rebuilding the index. With the help of INFINI Gateway, you can achieve one-click index rebuilding, ensuring complete data consistency while keeping the frontend application completely unaware of the process.

Rate Limit and Throttling

Sudden bursts of traffic can overload the search cluster, and large indexes can cause performance issues for the entire cluster. INFINI Gateway supports various rate limiting and throttling rules to ensure the stability of the backend cluster.

Query Acceleration

Built-in caching functionality allows caching of the most common queries. You can also specify periodic query plans to preheat specific queries, ensuring that frontend business operations always hit the query cache, thereby improving query speed.

Index Acceleration

By leveraging precise shard-level routing, index requests can be merged and directly delivered to specific shards on designated nodes. This approach avoids the need for the backend search cluster to perform additional request forwarding, thereby improving the overall throughput and performance of the cluster.

Request Diagnostic

INFINI Gateway can help you track and analyze the performance of your search service. It allows you to identify which indexes are slow, which queries are causing the issue, and which users are contributing to the problem. With its comprehensive tracking capabilities, you can have a clear understanding of what's happening within your cluster.

Request Mutation

Did you discover a mistake in your query statement after deploying your code? With INFINI Gateway, you can dynamically modify specific queries for specific business operations, allowing you to fix query statements on the fly without the need to redeploy your application. This provides convenience and flexibility in making adjustments to your queries.