Getting Started
curl -sSL | bash -s -- -p console:1.26.0-1552
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Light Weight

Written in Golang, it comes in a small installation package. It has no external environment dependencies, making both deployment and installation extremely simple.

Cross Platform

It supports popular search engines such as Elasticsearch, OpenSearch, INFINI Easysearch, and more.

Cross Versions

It provides compatibility and handling for major versions of each search engine, allowing seamless adaptation of business code.

One-stop Solution

It helps enterprises establish an enterprise-level search service system that can quickly respond to flexible and changing business needs.


It supports seamless integration with existing enterprise business systems, enabling unified security, alerting, auditing, monitoring, and more to meet the flexible needs of internal organizational requirements within the enterprise.


Through its product capabilities, it enables operational standardization and automation, allowing users to achieve expert-level operations and maintenance management through simple page operations.

Major Features

Platform Management

INFINI Console serves as the centralized management center for your enterprise's unified search services. It enables centralized management of various clusters across different business units, supporting hybrid deployment models across multiple clouds and platforms. With its fast onboarding process, new clusters can be quickly integrated, and target clusters can be accessed and managed without the need for any additional plugins.

Security and Audit

Are you still struggling with the security management of numerous clusters? With INFINI Console, you can quickly enable access control capabilities for internal search services. It supports integration with enterprise-level LDAP, Active Directory, and SSO, allowing unified security protection and configuration for all clusters at the platform level. It supports access control at the cluster, index, field, and document levels, as well as role and group management. You can view cluster metadata and historical configuration changes for auditing and tracking cluster modifications. It also supports auditing and analysis of query requests, automatically categorizing queries based on their characteristics, and intelligently identifying and blocking queries.


Are you unaware of the operational status of your clusters? Do you struggle to troubleshoot issues with your business queries? Don't worry, INFINI Console has you covered. It keeps track of all the detailed metrics and logs within your clusters, allowing you to easily enable monitoring for target clusters. It supports monitoring of clusters, nodes, indexes, and other detailed dimensions, providing insights into slow queries, abnormal logs, and cluster dynamics. With this information, you can quickly pinpoint issues, reduce downtime, and continuously monitor the health of your clusters.

Proactive Alerting

Don't wait passively to be notified after the scope of a failure has already expanded. With INFINI Console, you can proactively monitor the operational status of key metrics within your clusters. By setting up alerting rules, you can promptly detect and resolve issues. INFINI Console's alerting engine offers highly flexible configuration options for alerting strategies. Whether it's cluster performance metrics or important data within your clusters, you can actively monitor them 24/7, ensuring that you have full control over the situation.

Efficient Development

Do you often find yourself switching between multiple clusters? Are you still using notepads to copy and paste scripts? Do you struggle to remember query syntax, making the process tedious, laborious, and error-prone? With INFINI Console, you can effortlessly navigate between different clusters. Its powerful developer tools provide intelligent syntax suggestions and quick loading of commonly used commands. You can seamlessly operate on multiple clusters in parallel and switch between different workspace environments with just a single click.

Data Exploration

Are you still using traditional command-line interfaces or APIs to access data within your search clusters? Or do you find yourself opening countless applications to operate on different clusters? With INFINI Console, you can seamlessly navigate through different business clusters. It supports common management operations on indexes, allowing you to quickly view and browse document information within the index. You can perform in-place editing and deletion of documents. INFINI Console also supports creating data views and modifying the display format of fields. You can easily explore time-series indexed data with just a single click.