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INFINI Labs, formally known as INFINI Data (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd., is a software company specializing in real-time search and data analytics. INFINI Labs is dedicated to creating an ultimate user-friendly experience for data exploration and analysis.
INFINI Labs is a young team that embraces a natural distributed approach for remote collaboration. Our employees are located across the globe. We strive to become the preferred choice for big data real-time search and analysis products.
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Our Product Philosophy
Simplifying complexity is not an easy task, but it is incredibly meaningful.
In our perspective, the usability of a product is a crucial feature that encompasses both functional and user experience design.
The elegant is found in the details, requiring constant refinement to pursue a better user experience. It is important to design with great care.
We believe that innovation is the primary driver of progress. By daring to break through barriers, we can discover better solutions that meet the needs of our users.
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