Using INFINI Gateway helps us quickly pinpoint abnormal access requests. It provides a comprehensive understanding and analysis of cluster access from both user and index perspectives, enabling fine-grained access control at the index level.
Li Zhuo | New Oriental Operations and Maintenance Data Team
Since using INFINI Gateway, we have seen significant improvements in both write and query speeds. It minimizes the impact on upstream programs during Elasticsearch cluster upgrades, migrations, merges, and splits.
Cen Yin | East Money
INFINI Console makes cluster monitoring deployment convenient, with comprehensive cluster dimension indices, and it is easy to get started with.
Huang Peng | Honey Duty Operations Department
Since using INFINI Console, I think it can completely replace Kibana. It is very simple to install, easy to use, fast to query data, and has common monitoring configurations. It really helps us improve work efficiency in all aspects.
nicki | Nokia
Customer Case
How an Insurance Group Improved the Indexing Speed by 200x Times
A large insurance group's policy query business improves query performance by putting commonly used fields from the database into Elasticsearch. The cluster is deployed on 14 physical machines, with 4 Elasticsearch instances deployed on each machine...
INFINI Gateway enables granular control over user behavior in index usage and helps quickly identify production line faults caused by user issues.
Si Jie | Tuhu Car Maintenance SRE Operations and Maintenance
Since using INFINI Console, I found that it has completely replaced the native dashboard of Opensearch. In general, the multi-dimensional management and analysis functions of INFINI Console really helped us solve many difficult problems. I believe that with the continuous optimization and upgrading of INFINI Console, it will help us solve more problems and improve our work efficiency in the future.
Li Wenjin | Guance
INFINI Console is a very excellent product that solves multiple pain points. Deployment is simple and easy, multi-cluster management reduces operation and maintenance costs, and fine-grained permission control meet our security compliance requirements. Quick response, warm and considerate service.
Chen Bingrong | Howbuy
After using INFINI Gateway, the performance of Kibana in read scenarios has improved from 100-1000ms to 0.3-5ms. The query rate has greatly increased. The built-in monitoring view of the gateway allows for excellent monitoring and statistics on business usage, providing a comprehensive understanding of the statistical information distribution of user data queries with intuitive visual display.
Zhao Meng | Postal Savings Bank of China
Customer Case
Zuoyebang Multi-Cloud Cluster Deployment
Zuoyebang ensures the high availability of an Elasticsearch cluster by deploying it in both Baidu Cloud and Huawei Cloud, utilizing a dual-cloud deployment strategy. The business requests are prioritized to access the local cloud.
INFINI Loadgen is easy to use, lightweight and efficient, supports randomization of module parameters, and can easily simulate real business data scenarios. It provides insight into cluster performance and is a perfect alternative to Rally!
He Chengbo | Sangfor

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